Biofeedback is a scientifically proven form of treatment in behavioural medicine. This method makes the psycho physiological processes which are normally unconscious observable through (visual or acoustic) feedback.
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Annual Meeting 2017 in Krefeld, GERMANY

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The 17th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Biofeedback eV took place in Krefeld (13.-14. Okt 2017).



Advanced Vocational Training

The DGBfb offers a broad program of advanced vocational training in the fields Biofeedback and Neurofeedback.
Please note: the Advanced Vocational Training Program for 2017 is now online!
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Task forces of the DGBfb e.V.

Currently, there are task forces dealing with “Neurofeedback”, “Technique”, “Vocational Training” "Biofeedback in Care" and “EMG”.
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